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Dr. Willmar Schwabe is proud to welcome you to a “Certified Module Based Continued Education Program from American Academy of Neurology”.

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) is a medical specialty society that was established in 1948. AAN is the world’s largest association to advance the art and science of neurology and promote the best possible care for individuals with neurological disorders.

This certificate module based continued education program with the title Cognitive Impairments & Dementia - Recent Understanding of their Mechanisms and Current Trends in the Management will provide a comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

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Outline of CME-SAP

Certification Program from American Academy of Neurology

Completion of program from American Academy of Neurology will allow you to receive a certificate from “American Academy of Neurology”. This self-assessment program will allow you to evaluate yourself based on examination you’ll take after completion of 2 modules. The comprehensive examination will be based on module covering the latest topics in “Cognitive impairment and Dementia”.

To acquire certificate from “American Academy of Neurology” you need to attain 75% score overall at the end of the program. The score will be determined on your merit in the Online comprehensive examination. After the examination, the answer sheets will be evaluated by the American Academy of Neurology.


Certification Course Participation: -

1) For the use of Registered medical practitioner..

2) “This certification course is for the update of knowledge of the doctors with support from Dr Willmar Schwabe India. No part of this content may be used, reproduced, transmitted or stored in any form without the written permission of the organizer.”